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We have our own IN HOUSE aluminium manufacturing plant, this has significantly reduced our lead time. We have also got a CE marking system to follow the materials through each stage of the manufacturing process.

We have access to a STATE OF THE ART POWDER COATING PLANT that cleans the base metal before going through the powder coating procedure.This is a paramount operation to return a high quality product.

This is so important and let`s us supply a guarantee to the  final finishes. For projects in a marine or near the salt air (Sea) we recommend a marine finish to the powder coating. It is a little more expensive but carries a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Good quality powder coating will keep shop fronts etc looking like they have just been installed.

Having your own Aluminium Manufacturing plant has significantly reduce our lead time. We also use a full Computer Aided Design program that is specific for the Kestrel Aluminium Systems we use. This optimizes our cutting procedures which helps minimize waste.

The systems we  use from Kestrel are as follows:

Polyamide window system
This system along with the thermal framing and commercial thermal door use the latest in thermal technology. To reduce heat loss there is a polyamide strip that creates a complete break in the aluminium, this prevents the heat escaping through the aluminium, as well as the cold transferring from the outside. This product meets and goes beyond the required u values.

Shopfront system
This is suitable for small and large scale applications. This system is a simple design and will suit a range of glazed units from 6mm to 32mm.
Which are argon filled to increase the practicality of meeting the u values.

The system is compatible with the commercial door system and aluminium sheets can be used in place of glazed units, even painted glass units are available.

Thermal Framing
This is a cost effective system. It provides a high thermal performance designed to take 28mm or 32mm glazed units. Like the window system the polyamide strip is used. This can be used with commercial thermal door and Polyamide window system.

Commercial Thermal Door
This is a pivot door that can come with ether a half anti finger trap stile or a full anti finger trap stile. This system is compatible with curtain walling and Thermal Framing, used a lot in schools to save the children trapping their fingers.

Curtain Walling
This can be used for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for creating light open modern spaces. We have used this system in office buildings and retail s.

Paces, as well as the Holiday Inn Express in Grimsby. It can also be used in domestic properties.

PAS 24
The ultimate door where extra security is required, still thermally broken but built to a very high specification.

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